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Best Labradoodle Haircut Styles & Guide That Make Your Doodle Awesome

Labradoodle Haircuts: Labradoodle is the designer dog breed, it is a cross of the Labrador Retriever and the Standard, Miniature, or Toy poodle. it is the most popular dog breed, because of its loyal, friendly nature. they also make great family pets. A mix of Labrador Retriever and the Standard Poodle. the poodle was initially developed in Australia to be a guide dog and try to create a hypoallergenic dog breed. The result is an intelligent and sociable dog that fits easily in all families.

These breeds are mostly hypoallergenic and non-shedding. this means that they don’t shed a lot of furs, but you need to regularly groom your labradoodle which includes giving them haircuts every 5-12 weeks. Below is the list of Labradoodle Haircuts as well as some grooming advice.

Do Labradoodles Need Haircuts?

Labradoodles coats require grooming regularly. Grooming contains proper trimming and cutting their hair besides bathing, trimming nails, and cleaning its skins and teeth. A good haircut can help your Labradoodle look fantastic and feel amazing. To keep your doodle’s coat mats free, you assure that you will need to give them a proper haircut or give a proper trim. Especially in the summer, when it is hot, and your dog does a lot of outdoor activities. trimming its coat will help your doodle to stay cool, healthy, and clean.

What is A Labradoodle coat Like?

As with many crossbreeds, Labradoodles coat can vary from dog to dog which may speak to which style of Labradoodle haircut you choose. Their coat, size, coloring, traits, and characteristics can differ a lot from other dogs. It depends on the dog’s parents and genetic history which traits that are most dominant and will show in your dog.


Labradoodles have three types of coat:

1. Haircuts:

A Hairy Labradoodle is most similar to it’s Labrador ancestors, taking after the loyal breed that gives the dog its sociable and loyal nature. The hair can vary in length and the type of hair is straight or wavy. These usually have the shaggy appearance people often associate with the Labradoodle breed. This type of hair needs to be regular grooming to prevent them from tangles but a proper brush two to three times a week should help.

2.Wool coat:

Wool Coats are more similar to the feel like a sheep’s wool. To keep the wool coat long and flowing will require more grooming and maintenance. The wool coat looks amazing if cut shorter and is very easy to maintain. If you want to keep your Labradoodle’s short wool coat looking great, then you will need to be trim or clip its coat three to four times a year.

3.Wavy Fleece:

The Length of the fleece coat is usually around 5 inches long. The Fleece coat of a Labradoodle hangs down loosely from the body of the dog. Fleece coats are extremely low shedding. The texture of this coat should be light and silky quite similar to that of an Angora goat.

Grooming A Labradoodle

The best part is that Labradoodles are extremely low shedding dogs so you won’t be vacuuming the floor all day and cleaning the dog fur off your clothes every day. However, you need to take care of your doodle’s coat which means that you have to regularly brush them and give them a proper haircut to prevent them from matters and free from tangles.

You should be brushing your dog at least three times a week with a suitable brush and giving them proper haircuts every 5-12 weeks to keep their coats in order and free from tangles.

Labradoodle Haircut Styles

When it’s time to take your dog to the groomers for a haircut you will probably be examining the best Labradoodle haircuts! Don’t worry, there are several haircuts to choose from it and we will break down into various styles.
A good dog groomer will be able to offer you advice about your dog’s coat and which type of haircut will suit it for your doodle.

Labradoodle Puppy Cut


This cut is the most popular type of labradoodle haircut . The Labradoodle puppy cut can slightly differ from groomer to groomer, but in general, they all look the same. This hairstyle originates from the Poodle Dog Show World.

It works well on the long-hair and the haircut is relatively the same length all over the body (anywhere from 1/2 inch to 1 inch in length). The length is chosen according to estimation match length and style the dog would have naturally when it was a puppy. The labradoodle puppy cut is dedicated to making the dog look cute as much as possible.

The Labradoodle puppy cut is a popular hairstyle and it can last for several weeks without mattes and getting another haircut. It is actually relatively easy to do so you should consider getting some dog hair clippers and doing it yourself. so it’s helpful to save a lot of money in the long term.

Labradoodle Teddy Bear Cut


The teddy bear cut gives your pooch a cute teddy bear look. This cut is similar to the puppy cut but takes a little bit more maintenance because you will need to do regular touch-ups. the main concept of the teddy bear cut is that You will need to trim your doodle’s coat to the short length that you desire and leave the face, ears with longer hair. The hair around the face should be round and full, which will give your pouch the stuffed animal look.

The Labradoodle Teddy bear cut works great for longer haired dogs and a Labradoodle with curly fleece or wavy long hair.it is one of the most popular types of labradoodle haircuts. if you want to cut your doodle hair as a teddy bear style, so you assured that you take your doodle to a professional groomer to ensure that your doodle gets the right look.

Labradoodle Short Clip Haircut

The Labradoodle Short clip haircut is exactly the same as it is mean. this haircut style is very simple and straightforward and easy to manage. In a short clip haircut, you keep your Labradoodles coat short, generally around one inch long all over the body to keep them clean and tangle-free.

This haircut can help to minimize the dirt and detritus your dog can pick up. Perfect for reducing the amount of hair matting and tangles the Labradoodle suffers from.

This haircut is a perfect choice for summer session when the weather is hot. Dogs with long fuzzy coats can start to overheat in hot weather. And you need to take them to the groomer for regular maintenance to keep their hair clean and neat.

For a perfect Labradoodle short haircut, clip your doodle’s body (except their head, tail, and feet) about an inch or less and trim the rest by hand. Below is the guideline for short clip haircut:

  • Labradoodle ear hair is not too long .
  • The eyes of Labradoodle are not covered with hair .
  • Labradoodle hair under the chin is not so long
  • Well rounded muzzle .
  • The shaped of feet is nicely .
  • Size of overall hair is no longer than an inch .

  • Keeping your labradoodle’s coat short can save you from brushing them repeatedly, but you need to trim them regularly. You can unless take them to a groomer or cut them at home.

    Labradoodle Long Clip Haircut


    The Long clip haircut is opposite to short clip haircut and it is the same clip but just longer. This cut is kept to the same length all over the body and head but just longer than the short clip hairstyle.

    Longer hair requires more brushing to keep them tangle-free. Many Labradoodles owners prefer longer cut for their Labradoodles because it makes them look cuddly. The hair is cut at around two inches all over your dog’s body.

    If you want your labradoodle to look cute and cuddly, then this is the ideal hairstyle. Just assure that you brush your doodle’s coat every couple of days to keep it free from dirt, mats, and tangles.

    Labradoodle Lamb Cut

    The Labradoodle lamb cut is the perfect mixture of short and manageable body coat length which is easy to grooming and maintenance by reducing the number of hairs tangles your dog will get. The left legs are left with long hair to give them an adorable fluffy look while the body and the head are cut short. However, the ear hair is left a little bit longer to make your doodle look like a puffy lamb.

    The Labradoodle Lamb Cut works great for the Poodle types of coats it was designed for curly short-haired dogs. This could be the ideal labradoodle haircut style if you have a curly-haired dog.

    Labradoodle Kennel Cut


    If you are looking for a simple, effective, and easy to manage cut then the Labradoodle kennel cut is the right haircut for your doodle. This is the perfect cut for a summer session to help your doodle to keep cool.

    The Labradoodle Kennel Cut is a shave rather than trim and the coat is pretty much shaved all around, leaving only half an inch of hair or smaller all over the body. It can be stylish too and usually suits Labradoodles with hard mattes and tangles.

    Owners usually choose the Labradoodle Kennel hairstyle at the start of the summer session when the weather is hot and your dog is more prone to feel the heat. After that, the owners should grow this style slowly over the summer so that the cooler months of Autumn and Winter your Labradoodle’s coat will be back in all its long-haired glory. This is the ideal Labradoodle haircut if your dog has mattes or it is a summer session.

    Labradoodle Lion Cut


    Labradoodle Lion Cut is the most unique and trending type of Labradoodle haircut . Labradoodles already seem like cute teddy bears, However, but in this haircut, you can easily change their look to look like a lion by shaving their body and legs whereas growing the hair on their head and tail.

    Some Labradoodle owners keep their labradoodle hair long to the bottom of their Labradoodle legs. This is one of the most unique haircut types and to get you a lot of attention — in a good way

    Labradoodle Haircut for Summer

    During the summer session, your labradoodle can be overheated easily and pant a lot. If your Labradoodle's coat is thick and heavy, then you can clip his hair very short. so you don’t have to worry about him getting too hot during the summer session. Both short and Teddy bear haircuts are ideal Labradoodle haircuts for the summer session.

    Labradoodle Haircut for Winter

    Labradoodles do nicely with both short and long hair in the winter session. Many doodle owners keep their doodles’ coat short throughout the year. If you think it’s too cold outside and your doodle’s hair is short, then you assured that you can always put a nice doggie jacket on him when you take him out for a walk in the winter session.

    Labradoodle Haircuts Pics Before and After

    Conclusion for Labradoodle Haircut Styles

    Labradoodles are designer breed dogs and become the most favorable dog for families due to its loving nature. There are many different types of Labradoodle haircuts and we can explain one by one so we hope that this article is helpful for you to decide which haircut is ideal for your dog!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Often Does Your Labradoodle Need a Haircut?

    To determine how often you should trim or cut your Labradoodles' hair, you will need to consider these below factors.
  • How fast your Labradoodle’s hairs grow?
  • What type of length do you like to see your dog’s coat?
  • What type of lifestyle does your doodle have?
  • How old is your doodle?
  • Because Labradoodles inherit their poodle parent’s genetics, so their hair can grow exceptionally faster than the other breeds.

    Every dog owner is a different choice in how they like to see their dog’s coat. The standard size of the labradoodle coat should be 4 -6 inches long. If you wish to see it short, then you must trim your doodle’s coat every 6–8 weeks will keep the fluff off. But if you like to see your doodle fluffy, then you should trim your doodle coat every three to four months.

    How much time you should cut or trim your doodle’s hair depends on his lifestyle. If he is a very active dog and likes to run around the dog park or go to the beach, then taking care of his coat is necessary. So keep his coat short would be the ideal for keeping him clean, healthy and his coat untangled and mats free.

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